MT Honey - Eucalyptus (250g.)


Producer: Mieli Thun

Location: Vigo di Ton TN, Italy


Flavor Profile:

it has an almost animal scent, with a characteristic umami finish, of licorice, sometimes markedly smoked, with complex notes of dried porcini mushrooms, bouillon cube and dulce de leche. it is balanced between sweet and savory, at times slightly spicy hot. e. camaldulensis, the most common species in italy, produces huge quantities of pollen, and 10 grams of honey contain up to a million granules of pollen.


Recommended Uses:

Its characteristics make it ideal for any dish featuring aromatic herbs. the salty notes make it a good match for raw seafood. its companion cheeses are fresh goat cheese, sweet gorgonzola and various fresh dairy products.


In vegetable casseroles, to garnish risotto or sauté shrimp. 

  • Mieli Thun

    Location: Vigo di Ton TN, Italy

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