BBQ Oysters (WA) by the dozen


Large oysters from Washington – ideal for grilling or broiling. Enjoy them with garlic chili butter or Cochon Volant Sonoma BBQ Sauce for a deliciously flavorful experience.

Arrives fresh. 12 oysters per order.

Upon arrival, place oysters in a container with a damp cloth or paper towel over them to maintain moisture, but do not submerge in water as this will kill them. Do not store in an airtight container, your oysters need air to breathe

Producer: Point Reyes Oyster Company

Location: Tomales Bay

Type: Miyagi

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certified Bivalve Farms
The largest size of Miyagi Oysters (the shell can reach 10" or more). While the larger oysters look meaty, the flesh still tends to be very soft and fresh tasting. Also tends to be less briney than the larger Atlantic oysters (such as Belon).
As the name suggests, these oysters do great on the grill, either plain or with a flavored butter which can be added after they have opened, or cooked on the half shell with the sauce in the shell as it cooks.

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