Codorniz Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Pendolino 500mL)

Freshly Racked New Harvest EVOO,
From our California Central Coast Farm!

Did you know California holds among the highest standards in the world for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)? And Codorniz EVOO exceeds the most stringent quality assurance testing. All of our products are high in phenolic acid, affording antioxidant properties which provide both health benefits and natural preservation of the oil.

Our Pendolino is the pollinator of our small grove. While it is a low yield olive, the oil is especially flavorful and peppery. It is an excellent finishing oil. This harvest has a phenolic acid level of 545 (very high). 

We named our olive farm and vineyard "Al Pie del Cielo" or "At the foot of the Heavens", as it sits perched on a vast hilltop and is enveloped by the sky

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