Rolling Oaks Ranch

Eggs (Rolling Oaks Ranch) - Dozen


Beautiful Pasture-Raised Eggs From Cage-Free Chickens

Rolling Oaks Ranch

Ione, California

34% Less Cholestrol

4 Times the Omega-3 Fatty Acids

10% Less Fat

40% More Vitamin A

Mother Earth News April/May 2007 ""How Do Your Eggs Stack Up?

We have 7 different breeds of hens here at the ranch: Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Golden Sex-Link, Buff Orpington, Black Sex-Link, Americauna, and Black Australop.  They all produce a slightly different shade of brown shell; then we have the Ameracaunas who produce an egg with a green, blue or pink shell.  They are nick named the ""Easter Egg Hen"".

Each morning shortly after sun up the coop doors are opened and the girls (hens) come outside to roam, scratch and hunt for bugs and grubs. The girls enjoy the lush pasture grass and the daily routine of natural chicken behavior; dust baths, sunning, scratching for grubs and laying eggs. At some point during the day; normally in the morning hours, each hen goes back into the coop on her own accord to lay her precious egg. Then it's back outside for the rest of the afternoon. At dusk the girls naturally want to roost some place safe for the night. They go back into the coop on their own to settle in for the night. Once all the girls are safe and sound in their coop; we close the doors to keep them protected from predators for the night. Goodnight Girls!

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