Wolfe Ranch Quail

Wolfe Ranch Semi-Boneless Quail - 2ea


Wings & Leg Attached

2 birds per package, each bird has had the rib-caged removed by hand, weighing roughly 10oz per bird.  Perfect for stuffing!  By far the very best quail in the country.  Raised by Brent Wolfe in Vacaville, these birds are prized by Michelin Starred Chefs around the US.



Wolfe Ranch Farm

Location: Vacaville, CA

About: Brent’s free range quail are selectively bred and fed a high-protein grain diet with no hormones or antibiotics. Allowing seven weeks for the quail to mature leads to a flavorful bird that are larger than average.

"I have dedicated my life to perfecting my product. I control all aspects of my operation from raising the eggs, running the hatchery, growing the quail, processing with my CDFA licensed plant (allowing me to ship nation-wide) and delivery to the finest restaurants in California and beyond. I’ve expanded a customer base that started with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse to include Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller."

Frozen and boneless, wings and legs attached, 2 birds per package. Tender and subtly gamey.

Because these quail have already been boned, they are perfect for stuffing and roasting. Prosciutto wrapped fig is a classic preparation.

They can also be grilled flat; breaded and served in a schnitzel style; or marinated in any variety of marinades and cooked as kabobs.

These quail can overcook easily, so they may be prepared medium or medium well. To maintain their moisture you can also wrap them in bacon, prosciutto, or lardo.

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