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Our small seafood company was born in May of 2015.  After many trips eating great seafood around the world in coastal towns, we'd be frustrated coming back to the Bay Area on the Pacific Coast to seafood that was less sweet and less pristine that that which we'd taste abroad.  

The traditional seafood business model in the US has about 3 middlemen owning the fish after the fisherman sells it and before we buy it at the restaurant level.  Each one of these has to operate on a first in, first out basis.  It's quite difficult to buy a fish from a traditional purveyor that's been out of the water less than 5 days and quite often it's a week or more.

​We've made friends with the best fishermen up and down the California coast.  We buy from them directly and try and deliver the very same day. We're proud that 90% of the fish we've sold to chefs so far has been 24 hours or less out of the water.  Quite often it will be delivered still alive or in rigor.

Currently we service San Francisco only but we have plans to expand to other parts of the bay area in the near future.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to giving you a chance to taste the difference!

Adrian Hoffman and Ismael Macias

                  - Chefs and Co-Founders

Contact us:  415-890-4425